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The 4C’s Of the Diamond – Cut, Color, Clarity & Carat Weight:

Quality of Diamond
Best quality diamonds are found in Central African Republic, Namibia, Angola, Guinea, Congo, India, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Russia.

Every diamond is different in its way. They vary according to their size, colour, clarity, cut, carat weight and various other characteristics. The most important of the 4 Cs is cut as a diamond’s sparkle is affected the most by it. Diamond graders use specific techniques and methods to differentiate and evaluate between diamonds according to their quality factors which are as discussed below:

Cut:  A skillfully cut diamond will have better optical properties as compared to a diamond which is improperly cut. Thus, polishing and finishing plays a vital role in determining the quality and price of a diamond.

Colour: It plays an important role in deciding the quality and price of a diamond. Especially in cases, where two loose diamonds are pretty much similar in rest of the characteristics, a faint difference in their colour can be constructive in deciding the main difference.

Clarity: As per the general rule, the clearer the gemstone is, the higher its quality is. Thus, a diamond with fewer impurities will be considered of better quality and brilliance than the rest and will sparkle more. However, inclusions can also be helpful in pointing out imitated diamonds from the genuine ones.

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