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All stones from the Diamond Center are natural and handpicked by our experts. We have graded and categorized them to provide you with quality and rewarding gems at affordable prices.


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Customized For You

Customized For You

We provide your preferred gem with customized jewelry designs of ring, dollar, bracelet, etc. We can even make it more customized based on images you provide.

All our jewels are meticulously designed and carefully made with 916 BIS Hallmarked Gold or 95.8% High Purity Britannica silver based on your requirements.

Which gem will solve your problem?

Use our personalized gemstone recommendation service for just Rupees 499 to analyze your horoscope and get a suitable gemstone for you. Our astrology expert Sree Kadaksha Prathishta Rathnacharya Jothisha Acharya Brahmashri Thanga Thamarai Kannan Acharya will analyze your horoscope. We will help you choose a right gem and wearing the right gem will lead your life to prosperity.

Gemstone Based On Your Zodiac

Based on Indian Vedic astrology, each sign has a zodiac stone to bring you good yoghs. Though the zodiac stone can give you good benefits, getting a personalized gemstone based on your horoscope is recommended.
















Yellow Sapphire


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Blue Sapphire


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Why should you choose us?

Diamond Center is a brand of Shree Dhivyam, who is a pioneer in the sales of panchaloka/gem rings for the past 15 years. We have now set foot in making our own gold and silver gem jewellery with skilled craftsmen.

We gained our expertise from our happy customers, whose lives are filled with joy and prosperity. It is this experience that enables us to create and deliver the perfect, quality, beautiful gemstone jewelry to you.

Our lab partner, Tej Gem Testing Labs, has 10 years of expertise. The expert who tests the quality of gems has studied at the Gemological Institute of America. All our gems are tested and certified with high-end technology and updated with better machines that give accurate results every year.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is commonly believed that the planetary alignment at our birth affects our whole life and all aspects of it. So, it is important that you use only the gemstones that suite you and it should only be decided based on your horoscope. That is why, we suggest you use our gemstone recommendation service fo find your lucky gemstone based on your horoscope.

Generally, it is believed that Mercury is responsible for acute brain and Jupiter is responsible for education. But your ruling planet based on your horoscope is the most auspicious for you, and it should be used to decide the best gem for you. Before commenting on anything about your career, it is required that a thorough analysis is done on planetary combination based on your horoscope.

If any good yogh is present in your horoscope, a gemstone can multiply its effect and help you get the most out of that good yogh. This is generally suggested based on house 2 and 11 of your horoscope. The reduce and neutralize the impact of any bad yoghs on your life, we can use appropriate gems for the same.

It is believed that mars and venus play an important role in anything related to marriage, love or your life partner. If they are in a good position in your horoscope, then your marriage will have no problems. But, if they are in different positions then they can bring some issues in marriage or love. To suggest the exact gemstone, we analyze your horoscope for various kinds of yoghs which might significantly affect your life.

We believe in 100% customer satisfaction, and this has given us our wonderful customers for the past 15 years. We have ensured that all the right information is available on our website so that our customers can make an informed decision while purchasing our gemstones. However, if you still have any other doubts, please reach out to us. We will help out with your doubts or arrange a phone call with our pandit.


Thank you very much for your beautifully carved rings. The rings are very much good looking and amazing on my fingers as they are shiny gems. With lots of wonderful wishes for your growth 🙏🏻🌄
I bought a navaratna gem, after purchasing a zodiac gem. It didn’t get black even after 15 days. I am very satisfied with my purchase from Shree Dhivyam. The size is also perfect. I am very happy.
Hi shree dhivyam, last month I bought AD ring from you at reasonable price, now I can realize the benefits of this ring. Thank you so much for suggestions, it will help me upgrade my life day by day.

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Do you have any doubts? Feel free to reach out to us, we will help out with your doubts or arrange a phone call with our pandit.

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